Libby (Children of the Hunt short story)

Libby Flynn has been lusting after her boss for the last five years, but it takes a threat to her life for Lake Sunapee Wolf Pack Alpha Liam MacKenzie to finally admit he returns her feelings.

Libby takes place during the events of Faith.

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Faith (Children of the Hunt Book 2)

Bodhi Cooper finally has everything a wolf could want. Cory Flynn, the girlfriend who challenges him and keeps him coming back for more. A new home where he can spend his nights chasing small game by the river. The family he never knew he had and a Pack to belong to when he’s finally ready. But a decision to play cat and mouse with the police officer Cory used to date could jeopardize everything he’s worked so hard to gain.

Author’s Note: This book contains adult content.

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Sylvie Monroe (Children of the Hunt short story)

Author Clay Coolidge has returned home to Sunapee, NH with the intention of laying his most famous character to rest. Based on the woman who saved his life when he was fifteen years old, Sylvie Monroe has been his obsession for the last ten years. Now Clay’s literary world is about to collide with the reality of what happened that summer day — and the truth is stranger than anything in one of his books.

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Hunt (Children of the Hunt Book 1)

Cory Flynn never imagined she would find her best friend Rene dead. When a PI from California comes looking for Rene Lipton six months later, Cory’s world may never be the same. She wants to help with the investigation, but will the secret she’s hiding help or hinder him?

Bodhi Cooper has come to New Hampshire looking for his brother. When his inquiries keep leading him back to Cory Flynn, he doesn’t know if he should trust her, but he may have no choice in the matter. If he wants to find his brother’s killer, he’ll need Cory’s help. But Bodhi has a secret of his own. He’s a wolf and his secret could jeopardize Cory’s life.

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