Play Lists

Hunt Play List

If Hunt were to have an actual album attached to it, it would be Glen Phillip’s Winter Pays For Summer. It drove much of the emotion behind Hunt and helped me get into the mind set I needed in order to write it. Music has always played a large part in my life and it does in my books as well. The main characters always have their own song, something to help define them. Even though Rene never makes an appearance in this book, assigning him a song gave him a life and helped me understand him better. If possible, I’ve attached the links so you can check out the play list music online.


Faith Play List

Unlike Hunt, Faith¬†doesn’t have a specific album attached to it. I listened to a lot of different music while writing¬†and editing Faith, adding to the playlist even after the book was finished. Below, you’ll find the songs that inspired me.


Libby Play List

Libby just has two songs attached to it, one of each Libby and Liam.